Roll up… Roll up…

you are just in time for The Old Show

Welly welly Welcome!

Since 1990 we have presented

America’s most authentic
Punch & Judy Puppet Show!

Done in the traditional¬†British Style.¬† The Punch & Judy puppet show is A highly popular art form today in the U.K., and rarely seen in the U.S. It has been loved by children and adults alike for over three centuries, it is a tried and true crowd pleaser.“The Show’s delightful antics are always up to the times with slapstick humor, site gags and rollicking audience participation.” ~ The San Francisco Chronicle

Hire the Piccolo Puppet Players for your next fete, event, or party! “Punch & Judy” is ideal for old and young alike and nearly any themed event.

Audiences are encouraged to participate in the show and to become part of an age old ritual of boisterousness and laughter!

We will perform indoors or outdoors, (weather permitting or protection provided), are self amplified and self propelled. We have shows which work in libraries and schools or in noisier events like fairs and corporate parties.

For booking & information call (510) 663-7289 or e-mail us!